Laboni shawls are a reminder of all things beautiful about you that you feel disconnected with in the rush of the day. This is my connection with it, before I launched my label. With young children, I would be the last to dress, and often go for that special affair feeling hassled in my mind, and doubting my looks. My shawl would transform a simple dress into a classy affair. A few minutes for dressing were more than enough. At a  party if I needed to change diapers or feed my babies,I would simply put aside my shawl anfd do it without worrying about staining or wrinkling an expensive dress!

I just wanted to enjoy it all,  my kids,socializing, feeling carefree, comfortable and classy! Now they’re grown up, but I’m still busy, as an entrepreneur and a momlove to function from my inner harmony.To go through a day taking my inner self with me is such a beautiful  journey to your goals. My shawls were and are My Mantra   and I have made  business to bring them to you.

A Mexican lady bought a Laboni in a pop-up shop I had set up.

An independent woman, she is a therapist and practices homeopathy too. This is what she said:

  • As soon as I wear it, I feel transformed. I feel elegant, wrapped in beauty.
  • My Laboni is like a totem, caring for me, everytime I wear it.

She embodies laboni mission and purpose of making a difference.I wish each one of you to experience effortless elegance.