Published On: December 31, 2020250 words1.3 min read

Can’t find the stole that speaks to your heart? Let’s create one for you!

I composed this exquisite stole in hues of blue with my client. She was very clear about the colours that resonated with her. My shade card is the space of possibilities. We worked out her selections over coffee. It was such an amazing experience!

And the magic continues… I shared the details with my agent in India. He is more than an agent, in the years of working with him, I see him as a confidant who I deeply am grateful to. There are many businesses that offered to work with me. As they say, where a common vision resonates is a space for delightful creations. From Kashmir, India, he works closely with the craftsmen and women. This is an important facet for Laboni. I create limited pieces, and do so, developing a connection with the craftspeople.

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