Laboni was born in 2007. By then, I had worked in the travel industry, been a jewellery designer and had taken a break from work.And I was wondering what lay next.I was sure work and family go together, not one at the cost of another.Careers can be a unique part to our life or they can be fillers. Nothing wrong with either. Just a choice that works for each one of us. What has been your journey?

Creative impulses coupled with a joy of connecting with people were the catalysts for Laboni.

Laboni is eclectic and slow fashion, that is rooted in centuraries old cultural crafting methods, acknowledging and celebrating the human spirit. I want to share the joy of seeing stoles come alive in the hands of these talented artists. In this gadget driven world, generations will grow up completely unaware of what it means to create with hands. At the same time, I put in a lot of research into producing my stoles that can match the fashion trends of today. So with Laboni you get fashion that is tradition with a twist!

Laboni shawls speak a universal language of style and elegance to my customers come from all over the world.

“I can tell you the scarfs are truly beautiful and though they’re perfect for dressing up nicely, they can also be used for everyday. The colors are vibrant & beautiful. The quality is very good; nothing has faded or pulled/fallen apart. I highly recommend those scarfs!”

Am so keen to know your thoughts when you buy a Laboni. What do the embroideries and techniques say to you?