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The plunge into a wordpress, DIY website is turning out to be both agony and ecstay!! A steep learning curve and so rewarding!

In today’s tech-infused era we scroll, browse, flip through a dozen websites in a few minutes! Well done, organised, simple navigation, the site will hold your attention longer! A little tricky, even if the content is what your searching for, we move on!

In making my site, I’m taking a moment to appreciate and acknowledge the people behind the scenes! You guys have given us the world at our “finger tips”! It has completely revolutionised the way we shop, research, seek out information!

And, I’m acknowledging myself! Chucking the notion that “technology isn’t for me”, has been a big one!! From resisting it, I am connecting with it, enjoying the experience. The virtual space is gifts broad horizons and see the one action, one person at the same time! ?

My website is progressing towards telling Laboni’s story in a “neater better” manner! But hey, you’re very welcome to go along with us…

This is what Laboni’s website is today, the highlights, wrinkles, glitches…for today this is a complete story, tomorrow will be, another picture, another word. Isn’t that what a day of our lives is? Highs, lows and everything in between?

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