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A Diva cannot be defined by a style or trend!

Every woman is a Diva. She don’t have to be enslaved to brands or trends to be one!

I am a global citizen. Travels, moving homes have influenced my outlook. Different cities in India, Singapore, Nigeria, Holland, have been home to me. Through my teens, when I became conscious of fashion trends and styles, I became aware of the power and influence of fashion and styling in a woman’s life.

I connected with the confidence dressing well gives a person. It empowered me to be seen in a way that I wanted people to see me. Making my presence felt so good. But I also became aware of the belief that a woman’s power and charisma was dependant on brands or fitting into trends. Is this really true? Can branded clothing, trends, buy confidence and the feel good within? Can anything be more powerful than your own “Self”?

My dressing style is unique to me. This helps me to connect to my inner person too which allows me to be completely present in everything I do. Spending a day being a mum, at work, or looking after my home is way more fun! I like to say that I am in my “Diva Mode”.

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