About Hand Embroidery

This style of embroidery also known as kashida, is unique to Kashmir, India. We are looking at a craft that goes back at least 400 hundred years and has been passed down from generations. India is teeming with many crafts that are today taught in institutes, but have been passed down through the ages because they were kept in use. Kashmiri embroidery is one such living and breathing art.

The range of embroideries shown here fall in the broad categories of:

ARIWORK : The needle is more like a hook and the thread remains under the fabric. It is not threaded through the needle. The hook keeps on pulling it up through the fabric and the stitch is created. The embroidered output can differ depending on the mastery of the stitch by the artisan. It takes anywhere up to 6 months to a year for an artisan to reach a professional level.

SINGLE THREAD EMBROIDERY : This stitch produces versatile effects depending on how it’s used. A master artisan creates dazzling patterns where it is difficult to make out which is the right side and which is the wrong. This is a favorite of pashmina embroiderers.

PAPER MACHE : A type of needle embroidery popularly known as 'papier mache' embroidery because flowers and leaves are worked in satin stitch in bright colors such as those of papier mache and each motif is then outlined in black.

Mild color or pattern variations are natural characteristics of these hand embroidered products and not a defect.

Hand Embroidery

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